" It’s a process of forgiving, letting go, and accepting what was, and trusting in what can be. Abuse doesn’t define you. Assault doesn’t limit you. They thought they broke you, but they didn’t. The damage they did to you can be healed, and all those broken pieces can make something absolutely breathtaking. They didn’t take away who you are, they never could. You are radiant, and you are more than the wounds they gave you. My love, please I beg you to stop punishing yourself for crimes they committed. Stop hating your body because nothing good comes from hate, love is the answer to every horrible thing that happened to you. Love is the path you must walk on. Love is the door you must walk through. This is not who you are, and this will never be the whole story. "


With love,

Dele Olanubi

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why is being alive so expensive


You spelled “suck” wrong.


i literally can’t even tell what you’re trying to say

  • why is being alive so suck
  • why is being alive suck
  • why is suck
  • suck is being alive so expensive
  • why suck so expensive




what the fuck is going on

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do you ever want to punch yourself in the face for liking someone a lot

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doing a math question on a multiple choice test and getting an answer that isnt even listed as one of the choices




the next time you think you’re lonely, just remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting your sorry little ass with their life. you have 25 billion friends who would die for you. no need for tears.

I actually needed that. 


Camera Obscura, 2009-10 | Abelardo Morell
Transparent Teal Star